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Fäe Silvergil Candle

Fäe Silvergil Candle

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FÄE ... A treat to the senses

The simplest things can bring the best pleasures: a delicious home-cooked meal, freshly laundered sheets, a really good book. For Macky Fah, lighting a candle has become a pleasurable ritual that she looks forward to after a long day. Candles have always been a part of my life, more so now that I have a family, she says. There's a certain enjoyment I get from lighting one and smelling its yummy scent. She particularly prefers the locally hard-to-find beeswax candles over soy ones, as they last twice as long as the latter and have a clean burn. They also produce positive ions in the air that help with allergies.

All natural candle - almond, vanilla and amber pomegranate.

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