For same day deliveries of baked goods and cakes, please message us on @wildflourtogo on instagram or call our branches directly to inquire. Going back to the home page will clear your cart and other shopping data.


Wondering about WildFlour To-Go? We've got answers to most of your questions below.
Don't find it here? No question is too wild for us to answer—ask us through any of our communication channels! Don't find it here? No question is too wild for us to answer—ask us through any of our communication channels!

How do I order?

Simply browse through our selection on We have baked goods, sweet and savory treats, and all your favorites from Wildflour, Little Flour, Wild Flour Italian, Pink's, and Farmacy. Select your items, add to cart, and proceed to checkout. Once you settle your payment or send us proof of payment, you're all good to get your grub however you want it!

What items are available?

Most, if not all, menu items from our restaurants are available here. That means all your favorites from WildFlour, Little Flour, Wild Flour Italian, Pink's, and Farmacy are all ready for the ordering. We've also added produce, pantry essentials, eatcetera eatcetera—all exclusive on

What if what I want to order isn’t posted in your menu or highlights?

Your craving is our command! Simply contact our store to request for what you'd like to order. Items not on our website are subject to availability.
Contact Numbers:
Wildflour BGC - 8856 7600 | 09178520950 or 09176249006
Wild Flour Salcedo - 8808 7072 | 0917 328 5915
Wildflour Greenhills - 8775 3543 | 0917 627 9679

Where can I see the status of my orders?

Feel free to send us a direct message on @wildflourtogo on Instagram or email us on

When can I expect my order to arrive?

For items under our "Bakery" section, please take note of the required lead time of 48 hours. For food trays, ice cream, and a la carte orders, we require a lead time of at least 3 hours, but these can also be ordered in advance.

In which areas do you deliver?

We deliver to most areas within Metro Manila. We use third party couriers aka your favorite food delivery apps, but you can also arrange for curbside or self pick up at your preferred branch.

What are your shipping methods? How do you charge for deliveries?

We have the following shipping methods available:
1. Third-party delivery - arranged by us, but will be shouldered by you. We will notify you of the delivery fee upon dispatch and cash should be handed directly to the courier upon receipt of items. (Grab Express, LalaMove)
2. Self delivery - arranged by you, and shouldered by you.
3. Self pick up - personally pick up your items in store. No additional fees.
4. Curbside pick up - personally pick up your items, curbside. No additional fees. Some items such as pizza, ice cream, and Pink's are dispatched only from specific stores. Please view our guidelines to see, as additional rates will apply if separate dispatches are required.

Can I cancel my orders?

Once payment has been made, all orders are considered final.

What are your payment methods? How do I pay?

We accept credit, debit, GCash, PayMaya, GrabPay, OTC. We do not accept COD. Please send us proof of payment once paid, so that we can confirm your orders. Otherwise, they will not be processed.

What are your cut off times?

Our cut-off times for ordering and payment is at 7:00pm, daily.

What if I want to order from different brands/à la carte/bulk pastries?

The lead time for this will automatically be 24 hours as long as there are items under "Bakery" in your cart. If you'd like to receive your food trays or à la carte orders ahead of time, then you'll have to do separate transactions. Also note that ordering from different brand may incur additional delivery charges because some items are dispatched depending on what branch they're available in. Pizzas will be dispatched from Wildflour Italian, and Pink's and Ice Cream can only be dispatched from Wildflour BGC.